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Hello, We’re the Bradfords

I.T. and Web masters

Hello, We’re the Bradfords

I.T. and Web masters

Twin power

We are both in full-time I.T. with a growing side-business in technology consulting and web development. With over 30 years combined experience, we’re confident there’s ways we can help your business. If you have any questions, just ask.  Hope to talk to you soon!


Web Development

We can create websites, host them, update or revamp, and fix broken one’s. 

Web Consulting

We can review your current site and provide a list of ways to immediatly improve your search ranking, and provide reporting on your website visitors.


Computer Consulting

Personal or business computer security, web filtering, backups, and antivirus recommendations is just a conversation away.

Server & Network Consulting

We can evaluate your current server needs and expenses. Don’t overpay, and ensure you’re network is secure, backed up, and updated. Keep WiFi fast, secure, and your customers happy.

Phone & Video Security Consulting

Save money and go mobile with voip business phones and self-monitored camera systems. Make and receive business calls from mobile, log and record all calls, and view cameras from anywhere.

Home Automation

Don’t buy an expensive enterprise solutions. Google Home and smart devices can make your home smart and easy to use for cheaper than you think.

Managed Servers

Managed Computers

Managed Kids

Conversations About I.T.

Website Consulting

Have a website made 3+ years ago, and it works, kinda? Let us move you to a new WordPress, modern and mobile-friendly site. Around 70% of web traffic is on mobile nowadays, so do your customers a favor and make your website look good and easy to navigate. We always make SEO improvements on every site we touch.
First-impressions are everything, and we can help.

Server & Network Consulting

We’ve been around long enough to know some things work, but are not the best, and cost more than they should. If you’re a business that depends on an on-premise server or computer, you should be confident in licensing, firewalls, anti-virus, backups, and know what to do if a crash occurs. There’s downtime and then there’s DOWNTIME. Save money, and stay secure.

WiFi, Phones, and Video Consulting

There’s some truth to the idea, “If it’s plugged in, ask I.T.”  We take our real-world research and successful deployment knowledge of WiFi, VOIP phones, and video security systems, and help you accomplish your goals as efficiently and cheaply as possible. We don’t cut corners and we don’t overspend. If you looking to update or evaluate any of your I.T. systems, give us a call and let’s make sure you’re not over-spending and also not compromising.


We enjoy what we do, and want to help our local businesses. Let’s chat.

Let’s have a Conversation

If your in need of professional I.T. help, we’d love to have a conversation about how we might serve you. Since Dan and Jonathon are in full-time I.T. positions, and their consulting is a an additional side job, it may take a day for them to respond to emails or voicemail, though typically they respond sooner. Most consulting meetings are occur outside normal business hours, during lunch, or on the weekends.